Pharmaceutical Packaging Printing

Grprints Print is an independent carton printer specializing in manufacturing packaging for pharmaceutical Packaging companies in Bangalore (INDIA). Consistency is our aim, helping to maintain business reputation and provide information in a clear and efficient manner.

We use on-press color management systems to ensure color consistency and correct corporate identity.

We offer Shrink Sleeves in full-body prime labels, tamper-evident bands, and promotional multi-packs or on-packs. Innovative combination printing offers metallic, surface print options for eye-catching graphics. Use Shrink Sleeves and tamper-evident labels for product identification and product protection.

Shrink sleeve labels will conform perfectly to the complex curves of virtually any product shape. Labels can be printed with stunning graphics, allowing companies to use strong visual branding which enhances sales and increases market share.

Labels Sleeves and Pouches

  • Packaging beyond look
  • On-time delivery
  • Up sell standard items with personalized details such as phone cases
  • Order Information mechanism
  • On lines of E-com delivery
  • Our team of dedicated professionals
  • Awareness and readiness to disruptive market dynamics