What are the Advantages of Using Brochure for your Business- Brochure and Business Development

One of the challenges faced by the business owners is presenting their cause before a potential client and defining their approach toward marketing and advertising.

There are a multiple advertising methods out there, and we need to do comparative studies to determine the best method for a business.  One of the most popular and effective forms of advertising for a small business is a brochure.  Here are a few benefits that come along with custom online and printed brochures.

Brochure is an Introduction to New Customers

Brochure works as a ready tool to introduce your business to a new audience.  A well formatted brochure gives a quick overview a prospective customer about the potential benefits from the services.  Quality brochure works as a power tool to speak about your business and will complement other sort of advertising methods.

Brochure Brings Instant Credibility

A well designed brochure brings a sense of credibility with prospective customers.  Having a well-designed and informative bordure will make your business look more professional and put together in the eyes of new customers.  You need to make sure that you work closely with the printers you are using for your brochures to make sure that you get the design and flow that you are looking for.  Always ensure to do a comparison with competitors t to get better ideas improve your brochure and make it unique in the market.

Brochure Saves time

Well-designed Brochure works as a Sales letter.  It saves time over writing multiple sales letters for those who request more information about your products or services.  You can use your brochures to garner interest in your brand by mailing them to local businesses and customers in lieu of post cards or costly envelopes of sales material.

Brochure Improves Call to Action

Perhaps the most important part of your company brochure is the call to action, which is basically like an “about me” section at the end of the brochure.  This will allow the potential customer who is reading the brochure to get pertinent information on how to contact you.  You need to think long and hard about the call to action because writing one in haste can be disastrous.  If you are unsure about what to write, then consult with a professional.

Getting attention from customers in your market will require some professional help.

The printers for brochures:

It’s not hard to find a printer that produces graphics.  There are plenty of models that print text-supporting visual elements well enough for use around the office.  But what if your livelihood axes on impressing clients with smooth and attractive brochures? Then your printer is the last place you will want to cut corners.  There are a number of models out there that offer fast printing, high-quality text, and graphics you can be proud to show to clients.

If graphics are crucial to your business brochures, you’ll want to check out some of graphics-friendly printers.

6 Ways to Design & Prepare Your Company Annual Report

Annual report is a year-end summary of a company’s financial status along with a comprehensive overview of organization’s key moments and metrics of the last year.  Annual report are meant to provide shareholders, investors, donors, and various other interested parties with a rundown of the company’s complete performance and finances.

To spark your creativity and obtain design ideas, look through reports other companies have published.  Many public companies have their annual reports available to view on their websites, as pdf files.  Here is a summary of quick guidelines while preparing annual report.


1.   Aim for Maximum Impact:

Annual report need to be more visually appealing and to be designed to generate excitement about the company and its prospects for the future.  As you are designing the report keep it as an “annual brochure”  and ensure to bring enthusiasm and energy in both text and the layout.

2.   Decide on a Theme:

The look you want for your annual report, as reflected in the design features such as layout and colors, depends on the image you want to convey.  The image has two parts: your industry and your company.  A youthful, trendy design theme influence work very well in that instance, to set you apart from your competitors.

3.   Layout:

Avoid big blocks of text.  Be short and emphasis on the key themes you want to highlight to the reader, as you would when preparing a PowerPoint presentation about your company.  It is advisable to include colorful charts representing highlights of financial results, rather than the detailed financial tables.

4.   Design for Emphasis:

Use design elements to attract the reader’s eye to the information you think is most important.  This could contain significant accomplishments of the past year, or exciting developments in your industry that could result future growth of your business.  Use a larger font size or different font color on definite paragraphs for emphasis.  Varying the size or font on titles of paragraphs or sections also forms visual interest.

5.   Include Sections Investors Expect to See:

This section covers the performance of the company over the past year, including milestones reached, changes such as new products being introduced, and a chart of the stock’s performance over the last 12 months.  The report also deliberates what’s coming next, how the company intends to continue growing.  Full financial statements are presented at the end of the report along through a report from the company’s independent auditors.  Names of officers and directors and locations of the company’s workplaces are also listed at the end of the report.

6.   Put Together a Design Team:

In a big company, the promotion or public relations department is often in charge of producing the annual report.  Top management approves the report design every step of the way, including the text.  Companies often invest in particular software programs for use in preparing their annual reports because these require sophisticated graphics capabilities.  For a smaller business that does not have wide experience preparing annual reports, it is advisable to hire a freelance design firm that concentrates in annual report production.  This will save time and money by decreasing the number of revisions that need to be made.